A missed turn led me to Main Street where I saw an incredibly long line of people waiting to enter the brewery in quest of hand sanitizer.

Across the street were large stone containers brimming over with brightly colored tulips.

I parked my car so I could take some pictures.

Even though we don't have a say in the hand we are dealt with, our perspective can change the way we experience it.

Today I choose to focus on the beauty of God's creation, and to give thanks that He is in control. I choose to focus on my many blessings rather than the restrictions and inconveniences that COVID-19 has imposed on us. I am thankful that in my neck of the woods we are still allowed to go out for walks.

This post was written for Five Minute Friday
The word prompt--PERSPECTIVE
The rules--set a timer and free write for five minutes.



On my way home from Charles Town (see previous post), I took a wrong turn and wound up on Main Street. There was an incredibly long line of people waiting to get into the brewery, so I parked the car to go take a look--and some pictures, of course.

Normally, I don't wear a mask when I'm out walking, but I was about to mingle with the crowd.  Most of them were wearing masks as well, and obeying the social distancing regulations. Come to find out they were there to get hand sanitizer, a very rare commodity these days.

Just across the street, brilliantly colored tulips caught my eye, and once again, I allowed myself to be sidetracked. Instead of going home, I ambled up and down the avenue enjoying God's creation, as well as capturing some other signs of the times.


What was intended to be a quick porch drop off in Charles Town, turned into a lengthy photo shoot instead.

The day was so beautiful, and so many things caught my eye, that I kept pulling over onto shoulders along the highway so I could get out of the car to take pictures.

This was the only picture that had to be taken through my dirty windshield. There was no safe place to pull over, but I was too intrigued by that little black lamb to just drive by. At least, I think it was a lamb. I've never seen one so tiny. It didn't even look like a smaller version of the other sheep around it.