It's amazing what treasures you can find if you keep your eyes open. Thinking outside the box helps too.

Most people probably don't think of the Dollar Store as a place to look for items such as toilet paper and other such commodities people have been hoarding during this COVID-19 pandemic. I certainly never did. To me the Dollar Store is a place where I go looking for crafts items, greeting cards, trash bags, storage containers, and stuff like that.

Well today I was in for a big surprise. I stopped by to see if they had paint, as well as some of my favorite snack, that I was out of. They had both. They also had a large supply of toilet paper and paper towel, which I don't need, so I didn't get any.

After I paid for my goods and was waiting for the receipt, I spotted a whole bunch of hand sanitizers on the counter. I asked if they were for sale, and the cashier said they were, with a limit of two per customer. I said I only needed one, and took out my wallet to pay for it, but the lady in line behind me insisted that I put my money away and let her buy it for me. Wow!

I hope the Lord blesses that kind and generous lady in a very special way today, and that she finds the alcohol she has been looking for so she can make her own wipes. Unfortunately they were out of that at the Dollar Store. Go figure!



With little warning, COVID-19 has quickly turned our world upside down.

Schools and libraries are closed, sporting events have been cancelled, social distancing has been mandated, and every day seems to bring new restrictions in an attempt to stay the course of this pandemic. Life as we knew it, is no more, and many people are panicking and trying to cope with the uncertainty by hoarding. And yet, despite the chaos and confusion, and the scary thoughts that try to take over my mind, I know God is in control.

The evidence is in the new birth all around me, reminders of truths that never change, symbols of hope this crisis has been unable to destroy. Spring's beauty is filled with signs of His faithfulness.

* Trees still budding

* Flowers still blooming

* Birds still singing

* Canada geese still crossing the road


I'm so amazed at what technology can do.

Today, in keeping with the COVID-19 social distancing directive, I had a TeleMed visit with my doctor for what would have been an in person routine appointment. It even included a virtual waiting room.



Today I was in cleaning mode, and ran out of paper towel, so I went to the store (two stores actually) to get another roll, as well as some Clorox wipes.When I got there, I could not believe my eyes. Panicking people had stripped many of the shelves bare, and though I was able to find two rolls of paper towel for the very inflated price of almost $8.00, items such as bleach, wipes, and hand sanitizer were nowhere to be found.

Fueled by media scare tactics, Coronavirus-covid-19 has caused incredible mass hysteria in my neck of the woods.  Events have been canceled, schools and government offices closed, athletic events suspended. And yet, from what I've read in articles such as this one, it's just a flu, and not likely to be fatal unless you're in a high risk group.

My age, and the fact that I have an artificial heart valve, puts me in the high risk category, so I do not take any type of flu lightly, and am all for being cautious, but this is insane.

Here's another link with a lot of good information that can help put things in their proper perspective.

Influenza (the flu) has caused five times more deaths worldwide than has Covid-19, and yet no such drastic measures have been taken to try and prevent its spread.

On a more positive note, this beautiful sunset caught my eye as I exited the second store.  An awesome masterpiece created by the Master Artist Himself, and a reminder that no matter how things may seem, God is a good and faithful God.