The forecast had called for rain, but they were wrong. We woke up to a sky as blue as blue can be. Not a cloud in sight. Couldn't have asked for a more perfect day to have breakfast in the park with my friend, Wunmi (aka "Granddaughter"). Her treat. 

We spent a very relaxing hour catching up and enjoying the beauty all around us. Hopefully it refreshed and energized her as much as it did me. 

We had a great view of the pond, and I soon regretted not having my camera with me when two loudly honking Canada Geese made a beeline towards it. I did manage to capture them with my cell phone as they landed, but they're barely visible. Can you spot them? They're just past that big ripple in the water. 

Although my cell phone takes good pictures, it falls short when you need to zoom in on something like the geese above, or the kids playing ball on the field adjacent to the pond in this shot. You have to look real close at the sandy looking area between the edge of the grass and the building at the back to see them.



Spring colors are so pretty. These are some of my favorite shots. 
1. Redbuds framed by the arch outside Harris Teeter.

2. Flowers surrounding the dumpster on our property.


3. Golden dandelion flowers. 

4. Meanwhile, indoors, the Christmas cactus is still blooming, adding a touch of color to my windowsill.


Went back to the Chapman DeMary trail. Not too many bluebells left, but other flowers were blooming.



It was a beautiful day today, and my daughter suggested an outing to Franklin Park, with a quick stop at Chapman DeMary Trail on the way home. 

For the first time in a long while, I felt inspired to take my camera along, instead of just my cell phone.

Once home, I eagerly downloaded the 60 plus photos I'd taken to my computer, and was in the process of editing them when the mouse froze. Unable to get it moving again, or escape from the program, I rebooted the computer.

Imagine my dismay when I went back to PHOTOS to continue editing, and discovered that all the pictures, except these six which had already been edited, were gone. Where? I have no idea. Unfortunately, they had already been deleted from my camera as well. 

There were a couple of "beauty in the eye of the beholder" type shots that I am most disappointed to have lost. One of them I was in the process of editing when the mouse froze. But I won't lose the memory of precious time spent outdoors with a loving, thoughtful daughter, who is one of my greatest blessings.