It was a beautiful day today, and my daughter suggested an outing to Franklin Park, with a quick stop at Chapman DeMary Trail on the way home. 

For the first time in a long while, I felt inspired to take my camera along, instead of just my cell phone.

Once home, I eagerly downloaded the 60 plus photos I'd taken to my computer, and was in the process of editing them when the mouse froze. Unable to get it moving again, or escape from the program, I rebooted the computer.

Imagine my dismay when I went back to PHOTOS to continue editing, and discovered that all the pictures, except these six which had already been edited, were gone. Where? I have no idea. Unfortunately, they had already been deleted from my camera as well. 

There were a couple of "beauty in the eye of the beholder" type shots that I am most disappointed to have lost. One of them I was in the process of editing when the mouse froze. But I won't lose the memory of precious time spent outdoors with a loving, thoughtful daughter, who is one of my greatest blessings.


  1. Oh no!!...I hope you can somehow recover your lost photos.
    This modern techie stuff makes me crazy sometimes.
    What you had edited are very lovely though.

  2. This has happened to me too many times to count. The VHS of childhood memories was accidentally taped over. Thank God for good memories. I love what you did save! :)

  3. I bet they are still there somewhere. Do you have a techie grandchild or two who could take a look at it?

  4. How frustrating this must have been! But these are beautiful!

  5. Oh, I'm really sorry that happened and I do hope you recover them somehow someday. I remember when I got to go to Alaska with Faith several years ago (top of my bucket list, a lifelong dream of my dad's) I made the very conscious yet difficult decision to not take a camera with me. I decided I wanted to not have the distraction of recording my memories & instead just experience them & be in the moment. I have no regrets. To be fair, I also knew I was on a boat with a bunch of National Geographic photographers & nothing I could ever capture could ever be better than theirs... but it was still quite a liberating experience.

  6. I've never had that happen, but I've forgotten my camera a few times when I really wanted to take some pics. So disappointing! Glad you had a nice time with your daughter though.

  7. My God that we can see every sunrise of a new day your immense love πŸ™Œ and your infinite mercy πŸ™ŒπŸ™thanks my god for absolutely everything πŸ›πŸ›πŸ™Œ

  8. So glad you are still blogging. I have been missing non action for awhile and look forward to catching up!

  9. How frustrating! I hope you can recover your lost photos.


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