In case anyone who read my previous post wants to know whether or not the second tomato followed suit, it most certainly did, and was even more delicious than the first one had been.  It didn't happen the way I had expected it to though.

After a couple of disappointing weeks when nothing seemed to be changing except the weather, which was now cold and windy, I grudgingly made my way to the balcony, trash bag in hand, all ready to dump the plant.  Imagine my surprise when I saw the tomato was no longer green.

Needless to say, it did not get dumped.  Instead, I started cheering it on, checking on it several times a day, taking pictures of its progress, which seemed to be taking place really fast.

Only a couple of days later, it looked almost ready to pick, but Hurricane Sandy was on the way, and I dared not leave it out there any longer.  It had to finish ripening on my window sill instead of on the vine.

As you can see, though, it made it just fine!