I had never heard of Wintley Phipps before receiving an e-mail forward from a friend with this video clip of Amazing Grace - Just the Black Notes. Wow!

Then I found this other clip, with an awesome testimony at the beginning, and wanted to share it too. I have definitely become a Wintley Phipps fan. Enjoy and be blessed!



...but in a good way.

Downloaded some music from a link on Kat's blog

Then I read a post on Angie's blog that could melt the stoniest heart.

Yes, a teary, but very blessed start to a Monday morning. If I could but love the way these ladies do.


A few posts ago I wrote about how convicted I was feeling after reading Quaker Summer by Lisa Samson, followed by two very thought provoking blog posts by Annie and Kat. Well now I've just finished reading another book that's left me with much to ponder.

The book is entitled Justice in the Burbs: Being the Hands of Jesus Wherever You Live, by Will and Lisa Samson. It talks about living justly in an unjust world, having the eyes of Jesus and the heart of God, caring for the needy and those left out, loving our neighbors in a hands-on, life changing way. In the author (Will's) words, "It's hard to convince the world that Jesus cares when we don't."

Much as I hate to admit it, I've never really loved in a hands-on way, I don't think. The scales tip towards me-centeredness rather than Christ centeredness when it comes to acting justly. Truth be told, I tend to hide behind the business of my life, and when there is time to spare, am more concerned about my comfort than giving the gift of my presence to the needy.

Though I'm free with my resources, that's certainly not true of my time, and until recently I believed this was enough. Now I have an awful lot spinning around my brain and my heart.



Just have to brag on my 9-year-old granddaughter, Kaitlyn, who gave me this masterpiece she created at camp. It was painted in shaving cream. How's that for a new genre?

Proud grandma just bought a frame for it and is about to hang it in a prominent spot.



Got to my 7:00 AM Bible study on time for a change - SWEET

Prepared and delivered a gourmet meal to an ailing senior - Double SWEET

Needed $2 to pay for an interlibrary book I had ordered, and didn't have any cash. Drove to the ATM and rolled down my window to make the transaction. Started to roll the window back up and something snapped. Couldn't roll it up or down - SOUR

Heavy rain in the forecast, window wide open. Drove to the dealership for a fix. Needed a new window regulator to the tune of $325 - Mouth Puckering SOUR

Went to pick up an expensive prescription and discovered I had a mysterious $98 credit - SWEET, SWEET, SWEET!



Well it's not really a beanstalk like in the fairy tale. It's actually a tomato plant that hasn't stopped growing, and now I'm having to stand on a ladder to reach the top of it.

This is really an against all odds story, because from the day these plants were seedlings, they have been buffeted by storms. My daughter laughed at me when in the midst of one I ran out to the balcony and secured a branch the wind was about to snap.

So why this obsession with the survival and wellbeing of these plants? Well, in a way I can't quite put my finger on, they seem to mirror my life. Sort of an illustration of one of the six word memoirs I posted a while back, Bop Bag Keeps Bouncing Back Up. When I see what they have become, despite the obstacles along the way, it gives me great hope and fills my heart with peace.

Can anyone understand what I'm trying to say? Can anyone relate?