More pictures of the fall colors in my neighborhood. This time focusing on the yellows and golds.



Most of my work comes in on Fridays and if I'm not here when it does, it gets grabbed by someone else (I have a virtual data entry job with lots of competition for it). So when I had to go for blood work this morning, my goal was to get there and back as soon as possible before all the short files were gone.

In order to accomplish this--or so I thought--I did not take my Lasix pill, nor drink any water, and made sure my bladder had been emptied before starting out. Wrong choice!

First surprise was being handed a cup by the phlebotomist and being told the doctor had ordered a sample as well. "All I need are a few splashes," she said when I told her my plight. So water bottle and cell phone in hand I went for a walk.

First stop was the little courtyard with the rose garden. Most of the roses were on their way out, but still pretty after the rain of the night before. There were also some lovely grasses and yellow flowers adorned with raindrop jewels.

Next stop was the hospital lobby, where I was greeted by an interesting painting.

But the best was yet to come.

As I walked the halls, an aquarium caught my eye, and frustration was quickly replaced by gratitude for the delay that had led me to this gift.

Following are only a favorite few of the many shots I took.

When I got home, some three hours later, there was one more surprise. An e-mail from my manager which caused me to sing for joy. None of the files had downloaded to the server yet. It seemed they were waiting for me to get back.



On a particularly blustery October day, wind gusts of up to 50 mph stripped many trees of their leaves before they'd even had a chance to turn.  And yet there were other trees standing right next to them whose foliage remained intact, assuring us that we would still have a colorful fall.

When I downloaded this shot to my computer, I was surprised to see a face gazing at me. Can you see the eyes, ear, nose, and open mouth too?