Today I was in cleaning mode, and ran out of paper towel, so I went to the store (two stores actually) to get another roll, as well as some Clorox wipes.When I got there, I could not believe my eyes. Panicking people had stripped many of the shelves bare, and though I was able to find two rolls of paper towel for the very inflated price of almost $8.00, items such as bleach, wipes, and hand sanitizer were nowhere to be found.

Fueled by media scare tactics, Coronavirus-covid-19 has caused incredible mass hysteria in my neck of the woods.  Events have been canceled, schools and government offices closed, athletic events suspended. And yet, from what I've read in articles such as this one, it's just a flu, and not likely to be fatal unless you're in a high risk group.

My age, and the fact that I have an artificial heart valve, puts me in the high risk category, so I do not take any type of flu lightly, and am all for being cautious, but this is insane.

Here's another link with a lot of good information that can help put things in their proper perspective.

Influenza (the flu) has caused five times more deaths worldwide than has Covid-19, and yet no such drastic measures have been taken to try and prevent its spread.

On a more positive note, this beautiful sunset caught my eye as I exited the second store.  An awesome masterpiece created by the Master Artist Himself, and a reminder that no matter how things may seem, God is a good and faithful God.


  1. Same here, it is very hard to find toilet paper as well. I hope you stay healthy, my friend. The sunset is gorgeous.

  2. Let's just watch that beautiful sunset and not the empty shelves. Wow.

  3. Yes, God is in control. No panic for me either.
    Many things are closed down here too but it's a good thing to quiet things down. The media sure has spread mass hysteria . Our shelves are empty too.
    Hoarding isn't a good thing.
    Thanks for the beautiful sunset to remind us that's it's ALL in God's hands.

  4. Beautiful sunset indeed. Thank God, He is with us.

  5. The same thing has happened here and I am thankful that I know God is in control. I worry for my husband which is in the high risk category as well.

  6. A gorgeous sunset. All the shelves are just about empty here. If you have a local neighborhood app, people are very good about letting us know when the shelves are stocked and at which supermarkets. We went shopping before we knew all this was going on so don't have to worry about supplies for a while. I was speaking to my niece in Germany and she said it is the same in her town. Hopefully things will calm down soon and people won't go into panic-mode shopping.

  7. Same here in my corner of the world. All the shelves are emptied by selfish hoarders.

    A beautiful sunset, Sandy.

    Stay safe!

  8. Same here, Indonesia will lock down..

    I hope all of us be good

  9. We're reasonably well supplied for now. Lots of shelf stable foods, but picking up fruit and vegetables when I see them and doing lots of cooking. Stay well and take care!

  10. The schools here have closed. The grocery store isn't quite as bare as yours but there is little meat to be found.

  11. It is the same here. I wouldn't believe those who say the flu is worse. It's not. More people are infected from one person than the flu. It spreads more rapidly and there is no vaccine. InItaly over 400 people died in 24 hours. those numbers are higher than the flu. Take extra care with your health problems. I agree panic buying is stupid and unnecessarily causes more problems.

  12. Mass hysteria here also---and the 'hoarding' is ridiculous. People who REALLY need certain items can't get them. I pray that those hoarders will realize how wrong they were --and will share some of those needed items with others who REALLY need them...

    I also pray that once this is over, we will all become better people ( taking care of one another, and not continuing to be so selfish and only thinking of ourselves).

    Please stay healthy and safe...


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