One word. Five minutes to write about it.


Hahaha -- a good one for me this morning as I sit here trying to refrain from retaliating against an irrational, unfair boss who enjoys playing head games with me--or going above his head and lodging a complaint with the company I work for as an independent contractor. Neither one would give a hoot, and I would only feel more frustrated over my powerlessness to do anything other than like it or lump it.

So, instead instead of venting my feelings and allowing anger and resentment to gain the upper hand, I refrain myself from doing anything that would make a bad situation worse.

I feel grateful, that in the midst of it all, my God has provided me with a very timely alternative to vent through. It reminds me that He is in control, and my trust needs to be in Him alone. He is my provider--not an unjust boss driven by fear, nor a company whose only interest is the almighty dollar.


This post was written for Five Minute Friday
The word prompt--REFRAIN
The rules--set a timer and free write for five minutes.


  1. I do not have a boss but I understand feeling frustrated by someone or another of people I love. It is always good when we go for a walk, do some kind of creative thing ( I color) or talk to a friend. Of course we can and do give our frustrations to the Lord in prayer and He in turn can give us control over our frustration, anger and words. Excellent blog! Terri FMF 8

  2. seems to me a good choice. Deal with what you must and trust more deeply in God.

  3. Yes and amen..the work place can be so frustrating. My Hubby and I were independent contractors for a lot of years..I do know about the powerless feeling..but without the Lord I would be a basket case.

  4. This is so well written, and you have such a great attitude about it all! To quote Michelle Obama, whole he has gone lower, you have gone higher.

  5. I love how the FMF prompt was so timely for you! And yes, it can be hard to refrain at times but sometimes it is for the best.

  6. I'm sorry you are dealing with this. You're handling it well!

  7. I had a boss, was pretty grim,
    talking behind my back
    to the point I wanted him
    tied to railroad tracks.
    But that is not the Jesus thing
    that one should really do;
    one must give agape wing,
    and see the whole mess through
    with a gentle lovingkindness
    and a touch of the divine,
    a prayer that God would cure his blindness
    in the fullness of His time.
    From revenge I must refrain,
    and...ah, well, here comes the train!

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    2. Love this, and your sense of humor, but even as it made me smile, my eyes are brimming over with tears that you would take the time to write this despite the dark valley you are passing through. You and your wife have been constantly in my prayers. You are a most amazing warrior. (((Hugs)))

    3. I didn't want to miss your post. You have brought such light and joy to my life with your words...I am so glad you're a part of the Five Minute Friday family.

      And, yes, it does hurt to get myself up to comment, but it's well worth it. Love always conquers pain.

    4. Thank you so much for those kind words, Andrew. They mean a lot, and now I'm really bawling my eyes out. During the short time I've been with FMF, you have touched me the most. In fact, your sonnets are what lead me to read so many more posts than what I really have time to be reading, just because I look forward to seeing your comments. I've even started a folder on my computer where I've been keeping copies of my favorites. You have a beautiful and creative soul. Definitely one of God's finest masterpieces.


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