A couple of weeks ago, the grassy areas along the trail looked like fields of gold, but the scene has changed. Those yellow flowers have turned into dandelions, and now the grass is dotted with fluffy white puff balls.

If you look closely though, you can see patches of colored wildflowers interspersed among the dandelions. I don't know the names of them all, but did recognize the bright yellow buttercups, tiny blue wild violets, and pink fleabane.

We've had quite a bit of rain this spring, so there's a lot of green as well.

No matter how crazy things are in our world right now, there is beauty to be found, and these wonders of nature reassure me that God is still in control. I choose to trust Him, instead of letting my mind run wild.


  1. The past Spring and this year's are amazing with lots of flowers everywhere! They're beautiful. It's good to be reminded to live in faith not fear as we focus on God/Jesus alone. Have a blessed Mother's Day sister.

  2. Your yard is full of wishes!


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