One beautiful day early this week, I went looking for tulips in a part of town that usually has a nice display. Surprisingly, there were none--except for these two small patches.

Many other things captured my attention though, and kept spurring me on to walk a little further, and then a little further still. Before I knew it, I had walked twice as far as I thought I could.

Canada geese were out enjoying the sun, and I spotted a bird sitting on a fence, that might have been a mockingbird.

For a brief while the COVID-19 pandemic had slipped my mind, but these signs brought me back to earth.

The paved walkway through the little strip mall near my complex is lined with large stone planters full of colorful pansies. One, however, was brimming over with something different--a tangle of green onions that smelled so good. Hoping whoever planted them wouldn't mind, I picked two pieces off for my soup.

More pretty shrubs and flowers on the way home, dandelions galore, and a couple of snow ball bushes in my complex that I'd never noticed before.

In our couryard, I stopped to watch a squirrel digging up some snacks. I think I startled him.

The neighbor's cat was watching.


  1. Lovely pics sister Sandra! Thank you again for sharing. Wow. So much hate from the commenter above. I do know that the spiritual battle is very real. Praying for your protection. If God is for us, who can be against us? Be safe.

  2. Yes, that person needs a lot of prayer. I deleted the comment, and am wondering if maybe I should start activating the feature that lets you preview comments and approve them before they become visible.

    Glad you enjoyed the pictures, and thanks for your prayers.

  3. What a beautiful area you live in! I love that you were being spied on by the squirrel watcher!

  4. My Blog went very wonky for a few days but thankfully I think I am back in business again.
    I love your walk in the neighborhood and all the "new" things you were able to see. Yumm on the FREE onions too.
    We are expecting rain sometime today. I hope the Hubby and I can get in our walk before it comes.


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