This post was written for Five Minute Friday.
Word prompt--NORMAL  
Five minutes to write about it

What is normal? 

My life has been so filled with unexpected changes that I've come to expect the unexpected, and the COVID-19 pandemic with its shelter in place mandate has only been one of those.

Just as I've gotten used to this new normal, things are about to change again. Restrictions are being gradually lifted, quarantine may soon be over, and then what? Will life go back to how it used to be? Do I really want it to?

What I've learned about myself is that even though my heart is happiest when I've encouraged another person, or made a difference in someone's life, I prefer doing so through solitary pursuits such as blogging, or sharing the photos I love to take. 

Yes, I will be glad when the restrictions are lifted, and yes, I do look forward to coming and going as I please, but thanks to the doors Zoom and Livestream have opened for me, I don't see myself eager to join others in public places once again. I quite enjoy staying home.


  1. That’s still the safest place for all of us older folks! We are still being cautious.....

  2. Hubby and I are still being cautious too. Suggested for our age group.
    I really don't mind being home and puttering but will like the feeling of going someplace when I feel the urge, especially dining in at a restaurant...not ready for that quite yet though.
    I do miss gathering at church too, but have to admit I rather enjoy the online service on my own time frame.

  3. Visiting as your FMF neighbor. Don't let the new normal replace your unique normal! Love the thoughts.

  4. Me too! And the scientists say we are opening way too soon, there will be even more deaths because of it. We intend to stay inside as long as possible. Good for you!

  5. Home is where the heart is,
    and my sixteen dogs,
    and since I do the writin' biz,
    I live high on the hog,
    'cause I don't mix well anyhow
    with people of the human kind
    (though I'll say 'howdy' to a cow;
    no answer back, but I don't mind).
    My wife, though, she does miss the whirl
    of office interaction;
    maybe it's 'cause she's just a girl,
    or maybe it's relaxin'
    to talk with who she is beholdin',
    while for me, solitude's golden.

    1. Yep. People dump them out here; we've never turned one away.

      House gets a bit loud at mealtime, but anyone who broke in would need YEARS of therapy. They're not mean, but their "Hi, there!", en masse, can be a bit overwhelming.

    2. Wow, Andrew! So you're not just a mighty warrior, but a modern day St. Francis as well. Love your heart.

    3. We are being cautious, too, but we are so happy that Hubby could get a haircut Monday. Everyone took a number and waited in vehicle or outside til number called. Masks required. My salon opened yesterday, hair cut today for me with similar restrictions. At last!

    4. They will not be left unloved.

  6. I too am enjoying staying home. Pretty much my lifestyle since retiring. It will be nice to do it on my own terns again though! Your #fmf neighbor, Cindy


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