These benches were painted by local artists. Most of them are along Main Street and 21st Avenue (Purcellville, VA), except for one inside our local Giant supermarket, and one in front of the Fire and Rescue building. In the fall they will be auctioned off, and the proceeds used to fund the Purcellville Art Gallery, along with other community projects.

Good thing it was a beautiful day with a gentle breeze blowing, because it was (for me) a very long walk.


  1. Now these are delightful fundraisers.
    I would have a hard time choosing which one to buy.
    enjoy your weekend

  2. Wow, they are amazing! My favorites are the beehive, sheep, and chickens with eggs. What a good idea. I hope they sell out. I would love any one of them.

  3. Oh, they´re all beautiful! Such a great idea, too! I love how you can be proud of your country. I´ve never been in your place but I love American Football and our team is in 1st league, and quite "big", too.
    Beautiful benches.

  4. Oh my! These are incredibly beautiful. What a fantastic way of raising funds for such a worthy cause. With all those benches, I bet it WAS a long walk.

  5. Love them all! I can't decide which one is my favourite! They are all so lovely!

  6. Love these!

    There was once upon a time
    when I was what I now ain't;
    before I was a slave to rhyme,
    I had learned to paint.
    I worked in Hudson River style,
    with grand and sweeping vistas,
    eschewing Impressionistic wiles
    as a path of less resistance.
    And reawakened is the dream
    of a magnum opus wild
    drawing a delighted scream
    from man, woman, and child;
    I'll paint (if I convince the spouse)
    "The Life Of Elvis" on our house.

  7. These are fabulous and each one is so interesting. Especially loved the beach one. Wishes for a good week!

  8. What talented local artists your town has! They're all beautiful because I know their hearts expressed every stroke of their brushes and other additions they did to convey their minds. I love the first one as if the flag was draped on the bench. To me it looked real! Then again, I love them all! :) God bless and protect you always.


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