As restrictions are gradually lifted, our town is coming back to life.

The library has opened for curbside service, and we can finally pick up the holds that have been waiting since just before the sudden lockdown.

One of our local churches has started conducting outdoor services under a tent, the farmers market is open, Vintage Magnolia antique store has put chairs on its lawn, and there's a new painted bench in town.

Hopefully hair salons and barber shops will reopen soon as well, and we'll finally be able to get a haircut.

I found a dime in the parking lot.

Things are starting to look up.


  1. And it came to pass......nothing really comes to stay.
    I'm glad we are moving on step by step in reclaiming our lives.

  2. Lots of things going on there! I love the flag bench!

  3. Things are starting to open here too - restaurants open next week, beauty salons not until July though. (It's not pretty!)
    I like the bench!

  4. Wow, that bench is wonderful.
    so happy things are opening up a bit too. I absolutely can't wait for the hair dressers to open up again. I haven't had a perm for almost 9 months and I have cut all the curl off trying to keep this head of hair under some control. I'm getting desperate !!!


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