Where flowers bloom, so does hope.
(Lady Bird Johnson)

Our complex's landscapers did a particularly colorful job this year. These first few shots are from the entrance to our parking lot.

The rest were taken along Main Street on the way to the library and back.

This is one of my favorite Purcellville gardens, and today the lady of the house was out pruning her flowers. When I stopped to tell her how beautiful they were, she cut me a yellow rose.

A welcome sight on the way home was an empty bench in the bus stop shelter. I sat for a few moments to rest my back, and was surprised to see small cherries strewn all over the ground under the trees across the way. I walked over to check them out, but couldn't spot cherries on the trees. Where else could they have come from? I must go back when it's not so sunny and take another look.

These last pictures don't do justice to this rose bush at all. It looked like one bush, but must have been several combined, because the flowers were different colors--white, pink, orange, red. All I could think of was what an amazing artist God is, and thank Him for creating such beauty for us to enjoy.


  1. What a lot of pretty variety. That is weird about the cherries. Maybe all of them fell off.

  2. Pretty flowers. Love the quote you posted! When you take a pause, that's amazing how you discover the pleasures from simplest things.

    I wonder if squirrels left those cherries or maybe someone drop em while waiting for the bus? Interesting where they would have come from. Be safe and God bless you always.

  3. Glad you included your yellow rose.All the flowers were even more striking when I scrolled through the enlarged photos!

  4. Wow - suo many gorgeous flowers! I like the quote too.


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