These pictures are shots from a couple of recent walks that I never got around to posting because I got sidetracked by the arrival of a new great grand-baby. More about him in my next post--or you can take a peek at my Glimpses of God's Grace blog.

So, back to the walks.  Clover flowers must be very tough, because there are fields of them all around my complex, and they're still there even after the landscapers are done mowing. The tiny fungi don't fare as well, but they come back pretty fast.

There always seems to be something new to see, even just around the perimeter of my parking lot--blossoming lilies of the Nile, bunnies, a kayak on someone's balcony.

I'm especially intrigued by the kayak. It's still hanging, even though we've received three notices alerting us that our buildings are scheduled to be power washed tomorrow morning, and everything needs to be removed from our balconies before then because Management is not responsible for any damage. Such terrible timing.

The rest of these pictures were taken around town. Mostly flowers, but also some other things that caught my eye--signs, a stained glass window, statue of a fireman, and a sparrow with a very loud song.

Thought I had spotted a strange bug on this dandelion, but after downloading the pictures, realized it's only a second dandelion with all its little seeds blown off.


  1. yo have found the most beautiful and cool things! But one in particular fascinates me. It is this flower that looks like it has many flowers in a large pod. What is this??? I have never seen anything like it.

    1. I don't know, Ginny. It intrigued me as well. I've never seen anything like it either, and they were only in that one patch.

  2. Hi There, Congrats on the new Great Grandbaby. I have two 'greats' now--both girls.... Looks like you had a great walk since you have so many pictures... We have one really tall batch of lilies in our yard also..... They tower over the rest of the bed!!!!!

    Check out my Blog Post today if you have time. I have a question for all of my readers... Thanks.

  3. Beautiful flowers around your area, and congratulations on the newest addition to your family. New life is so precious.
    Let us know how the kayak fares through the power washing.

    1. The kayak owner waited until the very last minute, but did take everything in before they got started.

  4. Your flowers are so pretty! We have lots of bunnies hanging around our yard. They are so cute, as long as they don't eat the flowers!

  5. Love your photo series, Sandra! Especially the kayak shot!

    Happy 4th July!


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