This post was written for Five Minute Friday 
Word prompt--WATCH
Five minutes to free write about it 
Several weeks ago I saw a small yellow butterfly flitting around my balcony. Ever since then I've been on the watch for more.

The packet of wildflower seeds I planted said the flowers would attract hummingbirds and butterflies but so far, except for that one small butterfly, I haven't even seen a bee.

Maybe I'm not watching at the right time, or more probably, the seeds have not yielded enough flowers to attract anything. And yet, that one butterfly gave me hope, so I keep watching throughout the day.


  1. Such a pretty little flower! Hopefully more will come, along with bees and hummingbirds.

  2. I love butterflies and they represent hope for me also, I am always watching our for them.

  3. I bet they will attract plenty once there are more blooms!

  4. Butterflies are the sign of Hope and New Life and Change.
    I know that they will come to encourage you.

  5. Not many visitors this summer,
    no flutterbys nor snakes,
    and to me that is a bummer,
    but baby, them's the breaks,
    for beasties, they all do just fine,
    obeying God's command,
    and it really isn't mine
    to get all pouty and demand
    that they show up and entertain
    morning, noon, and night,
    but when I see them I remain
    all the longer in delight,
    for it is their rarity
    that lends their beauty clarity.

  6. Love how hopeful this is! I hope you have your heart's desire soon.

  7. Your balcony flowers are so pretty! I hope you get the butterflies and hummingbirds before blooming season is over. I haven't seen many butterflies to photograph lately. Have a wonderful end of the week!


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