This post was written for Five Minute Friday
Word prompt--DRIVE
Five minutes to free write about it.

This week I felt driven to finish up the puzzle I wrote about in last week's post, the one that had the strange pieces that forced me to think outside the box (no pun intended). It was quite a challenge, and I devoted much more time to it each day than I normally allow myself to spend on doing jigsaws.

Wish I could feel that driven to finish up all the household chores I've been procrastinating about. 


  1. I have actually seen this one. It kind of reminds me of Norman Rockwell.

  2. Oh I feel the same way about household chores!! Somehow I'm never quite as driven to complete those as other things.

  3. Oh do I hear you on that housework driven...haha
    I guess I am very choosy on what I am driven to do!!
    Love that puzzle and congratulations on sticking to it and completing it.

  4. Life's a puzzle-picture
    where fell things hold leases,
    and bind us to the stricture
    that we lack all the pieces,
    and thus we have to live in fear
    at our forced unfinished work,
    dread empty parts, for it is here
    that the worst of monsters lurk.
    But the image lives within God's heart,
    pure and perfect, crisp and clean
    and though we cannot ever start
    to understand what it may mean,
    we'll one day share God's holy view
    when eyes and souls are fresh-washed new.

  5. I love the puzzle! It's so beautiful, nostalgic and colorful. I think I would frame it, it's just perfect, and makes me want to get my puzzles out of the closet and on a table!

  6. I Like it. I agree with Ginny - it has a Rockwell look.

  7. That puzzle is beautiful. I would frame it for sure. Our yougnest live sin western NY. SHe is a puzzle queen, she did four 1000 piece puzzles by herself in one week. I think she was hinting she needs more. I love anything nostalgic.


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