I have a friend who is the devoted single mom of two children--one with severe special needs. Though she is talented and creative, and has physical issues of her own, she has chosen to pour herself into her children and sacrifice her own wants and needs in favor of providing them with the fullest, richest life possible.

Even when in severe pain from her bad back and/or the crippling arthritis in her hands, she musters up enough strength to lift her daughter in and out of the car, as well as tend to her other physical requirements--never complaining, and always with a smile on her face.

This summer she loaded both kids and all her daughter's equipment into the car, and took them on a memorable cross country trip to California and back.

Watching the eclipse

Grand Canyon

I also have a fun-loving, multi-talented, granddaughter, with a positive attitude, who despite a serious heart condition, is determined to live life to it's full. She too is a devoted mom who tends to sacrifice her own wants and needs in favor of the wellbeing of her children and spouse.

Always one for adventure, she temporarily put her own career plans on hold, left family and friends behind, and moved cross country to California several months ago in support of her husband who had received an attractive job offer he wanted to check out.

Both my friend and my granddaughter are on a rugged journey they didn't sign up for or expect. Yet they are determined, for the sake of their children, to never give up.

In my eyes, they are two of the unsung heroes we never hear about, but who I'd like to acknowledge in this post for the amazing and inspiring role models I feel they are.

Racing Malachi up the climbing wall


  1. Amazing women. They are models of true womanhood. There are so many whiney, unchallenged women today and none of them can hold a candle to your friend and your granddaughter.

  2. Your friend and granddaughter are truly amazing! Like they say, the apple never falls far from the tree!

    Have a Blessed Sunday, Sandra!

  3. This is beautiful Sandy, praying The Lord strengthen them both and bring healing. <3

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  5. I Love stories of triumph in the face of adversity!

  6. I Love stories of triumph in the face of adversity!


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