This post was written for Five Minute Friday
Word prompt--DESPERATE
Five minutes to free write about it

This week's prompt is such an apt description of what's going on in the world. My heart feels weighed down by the headlines, and in the face of what so many are enduring, the things I've been fretting over these past few months put me to shame.  What do I really know of despair? 

Never have I felt the kind of desperation that would lead someone to cling to the wing of an airplane about to take off, or jump out the window of a flaming tower.  Those two incidents, though years apart, were both triggered by a terror I've never been subjected to. 

As I pray for the people in Afghanistan and Haiti, I feel both grateful and a little guilty for the freedoms I enjoy in my secluded little neck of the woods--freedom to worship, a safe place to live, abundant food to eat, clean water to drink, access to medical care, a vehicle to get around in. Let me never take these blessings for granted.


  1. I can't imagine that despair either. I agree - grateful and guilty both.

  2. I feel the same way, and I bet many of us also do.

  3. I certainly agree. It's so hard to see what has been happening around the world. We must never take our freedoms and blessings for granted, for they can be taken away unbelievably quickly, as we are experiencing right here in BC.

  4. Well said...my prayer too.
    I truly have nothing to whine about..
    Our world is in such dire straits..
    All we can really do is pray.

  5. The world's a bloody dumpster fire,
    stoked by grinning laughing fools
    who think the stinking flaming gyre
    is nothing if it's not way cool.
    I'd like to leave if I knew how,
    go to Mars and set up shop,
    take along a friendly cow
    for milk and cream, and then stop
    watching all the news from Earth,
    fanatics, hipsters, and the haters,
    take in space my second birth
    and a plate of mashed potatoes,
    wave my fork at that blue ball
    that I do not miss at all.

  6. Things that we take for granted, others cannot. My heart is heavy at the thought of what has been happening lately. Your post is very thought provoking and well said.


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