This post was written for Five Minute Friday.
Word prompt--DISAPPOINT
Five minutes to free write about it.

It's easy for me to feel disappointed when things don't turn out the way I expect them to, but sometimes there's a silver lining.

For instance, there's a field in town that used to have horses and donkeys grazing on it, always good subject matter for a photo shoot. My visits, however, ended with the pandemic. It didn't even cross my mind until a few days ago when I had a sudden yen to walk over and take pictures. Fully expecting to find the animals there, I was both shocked and disappointed to discover they were not.
As I stood stupefied, a rustling sound caught my attention and I saw a large family of squirrels scampering across the fence, leaping up into the tree, and skittering across the branches. Disappointment quickly turned to delight as I watched their antics for a while. 

They moved so quickly I was only able to capture these two babies who trailed the pack. I was, however, able to get lots of shots of the beautiful roses and flowers growing near the fence.

My walk may not have been what I expected it to be, but it certainly had a happy ending.


  1. A beautiful pictorial reminiscence of your walk. Plans may go awry but nature always provides a wonderful alternative.

    ~Your FMF neighbor

  2. Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing them :)

    I just wanted to let you know that I emailed you the link to my main blog, as you requested on the comment you left on my food blog. So sorry I only saw it now.

    Have a blessed week.

  3. What could be better than squirrels and roses! Both captivating and comical to beautiful!

  4. Sometimes surprises are better than the intended search.
    Great shots and I'm glad you could get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

  5. Fabulous shots, Sandra! So happy you could get out of the house to enjoy the pretty flowers.


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