This post was written for Five Minute Friday.
Word prompt--COULD
Five minutes to free write about it.

This week's prompt felt like a rebuke, arriving as it did in the midst of my grief over my prized violet. 

Once a magnificent sight to behold, its amazing story had inspired a children's picture book I started writing but never finished. Now, I told myself, it was too late. Just one more missed opportunity to add to my long list of regrets.

A short trip down memory lane brought to mind many things I could have done, should have done but didn't, as well as some others that I did do, but could have or should have done differently. And then, unexpectedly, I was diverted from these thoughts by some startling questions.

How do I know the door to my book has closed? Am I perhaps buying into a lie that I can't tell the story of what was, because of how things look now? Maybe the prompt is a Divine exhortation to pick up where I left off and finish what I started, rather than a rebuke? 


  1. God will lead you. Book ot no book. I think book myself. Much to my shame houseplants and I do not go together. My husband has banned me from getting anywhere near them. I hope your violet makes a recovery x visiting from fmf #4 x

    1. Thanks. I hope so too. Just re-potted it today.

  2. I read somewhere yesterday that 'could' is not always negative but can be viewed as a promise - so I think you definitely could still write your book if you so choose. If God wills, it's not too late! Sorry about your violet - I'm not that way inclined myself, so the fact that you got it to bloom in the first place is something to be applauded and not regretted :)

  3. Definitely...don't give up so easily!

    1. I just repotted the violet. Have not given up on it yet.

  4. I like your take... that the could is not a rebuke but rather an invitation. Take it up! :)

  5. I'm so sorry about your violet. I've been there.

    Cancer's been a stern rebuuke
    to all the dreams I dreamt;
    like a heartles Mamluke,
    it has coldly sent
    the hopes I had to dull limbo,
    the bright thoughts to a grave,
    but in my heart I think I know
    a God who's come to save
    the ashes rom the cold grey pit,
    the things that I held dear,
    and to these He'll gladly fit
    a lens that keeps them clear,
    that in His good and gracious reign
    I shall find my dreams again.

    1. Thanks, Andrew, but I have not given up on it yet. Just repotted it this morning.

  6. Hope that shrinking Violet rejuvenates ...
    My MiL used to water her violets with the left over tea from dinner. they thrived.
    Me?? I can kill a plant faster than you can shake a stick at...

  7. I think sometimes what we think is a rebuke is a gentle nudge of encouragement. Thank you for sharing. I hope you have a lovely day.


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