While moving my plants indoors from the balcony, I noticed a blob attached to the underside of one of my philodendron leaves. It looked like some sort of cocoon, but after posting its picture on Facebook, come to find out it was a potter wasp jug. 

Google then led me to an article on potter wasps which contained a description of how the wasp builds the jug, and I marveled at the amazing capabilities God has designed into even this species of His creation.

The female wasp collects water and mixes it with dry soil using her mandibles. She then transports the mixture to the surface she wants to attach it to (in this case my philodendron leaf), and fashions it into a mini pot, and since she is only able to carry a little bit at a time, it can take her a couple of hundred trips to complete the construction.

After the structure is ready, mama wasp fills it with small caterpillars paralyzed by her sting, lays a single egg on top of them, and then seals the pot with a clay plug. When the egg hatches, the larva feeds on the caterpillars until it pupates into an adult, and then emerges by chewing a hole through the side of the jug.

Not wanting any wasps hatching on my balcony or in my apartment, I cut off the leaf, and tucked it into a bush bordering our parking lot.


  1. Yikes! Boy, you found out a LOT! Amazing! I never heard of this.

  2. Totally amazing.
    I always marvel at what our Mighty God has created. Such intricate design.
    Perfect solution so it won't hatch near you.
    Thanks for this interesting post.

  3. Your potter’s wasp is a fascinating part of nature. Thank you for the information. I found this very interesting.

  4. That is quite fascinating. Their story is remarkable. Another reason I love knowing God does indeed exist. Thank you for sharing adn you made a wise choice to remove it from your plant and home. HUGS across the miles XO

  5. How fascinating! A great testament to The Almighty's existence, Sandee.


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