Yesterday was my son-in-law's birthday, and the weather was perfect. We had an outdoor celebration on the deck, including pool time for those who wanted to swim before dinner.

The menu consisted of beef Wellington with roasted baby asparagus, followed by a decadent chocolate pudding boston cream birthday cake, plus the makings of strawberry shortcake for those who don't eat chocolate--or who wanted two desserts.

Because of the pandemic, birthday boy waved the candles out instead of blowing on them.

My grandson and his girlfriend had brought their drone along, and after dinner was over, and gifts had been opened, they gave us a demo on how it worked. The girls were enthralled. I think their dad was too.

Everyone seemed to have a fun time, and for me, just being able to spend these couple of hours surrounded by family was a special blessing.


  1. The food was suitable fancy, and sounds delicious! You all know how to have a fun time; even during a pandemic!

  2. What a fun celebration with good food and of course, great family! I think even without the pandemic, we all should just stop blowing candles! ;)

    I see a lot of You tubers who use the drones now. I love the drone pics and it's nice also when the people using them are like filming their own movies. God bless.

  3. This sounds like the perfect Birthday celebration. How nice to have family together and the meal sounds delicious..especially the 2 desserts..yummm
    The drone seems like perfect entertainment.

  4. I am glad you had a great time!

  5. Looks like a wonderful time! I also had family around this weekend. My son and DIL were here from KY and the girls and families came too. Such joy to have them all around!

  6. Perfect! Food and family! I love seeing the photos. That menu sounds delicious.....


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