How did this great-grandson grow so tall so fast? (He was six in the top two pictures, and about to turn 14 in the bottom two.)

How did I manage to get three yahtzees in one game when in all the years I've been playing it I've rarely gotten even one.

How did this one lone dandelion manage to pop up after the clover flowers in our courtyard had crowded out all the others?

Why a door at the back of this house where you'd expect to see a window? Had they originally planned on building a deck?

I'm wondering what these grassy mounds are that I saw bordering a parking lot I was in. Maybe touching them would have given me a clue? Anyone have any thoughts?

How did I not notice that the yellow puzzle piece I was convinced was missing wasn't really yellow, and therefore not missing? It has only a very subtle sliver of yellow at the top and the piece it goes with has an equally subtle sliver of green at the bottom, each so minute that I couldn't see them until I downloaded the shots to my computer.

I was pondering my unexpected good fortune at finding this bunch of organic carrots with so many greens on it. Usually I have to buy two or three bunches to get that amount when I'm in the mood for sauteed carrot greens.

These are some screenshots I took while watching a livestream of Shadow Mountain Church's special Celebrate America Independence Day celebration. I'm wondering how this parachuter managed to twist and turn and make all those colored smoke patterns in the air before unfurling an American flag and gracefully floating down to the ground. 

Happy 4th of July!


  1. Yur post today is an inquisitive wonder. And the special mysteries for me are those strange mounds and the door way up high in the house! The mounds almost look like ancient burial mounds, but they look too fresh!

  2. I think the mounds are piles of dirt someone moved and left there. Nature covered them with grass. Just a guess!

  3. Inquiring minds want to know! Kids grow too fast, and 3 yatzees is quite a feat! The parachuter is quite amazing!

  4. Kids grow up so fast!
    Can you believe my boys are already 25 and 23!
    I am curious about those mounds too.

  5. They do grow talllllllllll, don't they???????? I love standing next to the boys and even to one of our Grand Daughters, who also grew soooo tall. -smile-

    That door on the 2nd story! Must have planned on a porch! LOL. Hope it is securely closed, from the inside!!!!

    Gentle hugs,
    🍓 🍓 🍓 🍓 🍓 🍓


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