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Word prompt--MIDDLE
Five minutes to free write about it.

Today I ate a really good mango and thought of my mother. 

We lived in a country where mangoes were plentiful. The big ones were our favorites, and we would share them. Since I didn't like getting my hands messy, we had a little ritual. My mother would cut off the sides and give them to me, and then peel the skin off the pit and take the middle of the mango for herself. 

While I used a spoon to scoop the flesh out of my skins, she used her hands to hold the pit as she proceeded, with great gusto, to eat every bit of fruit attached to it, savoring each bite, and proclaiming that the middle of the fruit was the most flavorful part. Sticky hands did not bother her one bit. Nor did the juice that dribbled down her chin. 

Now I eat a whole mango by myself, and think of my mother, and feel sad. 


  1. I love that picture of the two of you sharing a mango!
    I like the 'hedgehog' technique of cutting off the cheeks, Cross crossing them with a knife, and then turning them inside out.
    Your FMF Neighbour #37

  2. Don't be sad sister. I think it's precious that you have that mem'ry with your mother. Mangoes are delicious especially if in season! My hubby and I love green ones most of the time when they're crispy a bit when you take a bite. But we love ripe ones, too as those are the sweetest! God bless.

  3. Isn't it funny how something as simple as eating a piece of fruit can trigger so many memories and emotions?
    I often do that with smells.
    This has also given me a smile or two along with nostalgia for times long ago.

  4. I think your Mom really gave you the best part. This is a lovely memory of the mangos, but of course sad as well.

  5. I hope that sadness is offset by the wonderful memory of tasty shared moments.

  6. Good memories of a wonderful mom!

  7. I prefer to eat fruit with utensils too. I can picture your mother with the juice dribbling down her chin. She sounds like a wonderful woman and I'm sad that you are missing her presence with you.

  8. What a sweet memory to have. It's okay to be both sad and thankful...

  9. ...but the memory of seeing her, juice on chin and all, should bring a smile to your face.

  10. Those memories can be bittersweet. I have been thinking of my own mother a lot today. I love to eat mango but am not that good at cutting them up.


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