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Word prompt--CONCLUDE
Five minutes to free write about it.
It's been a while since I've written a blog post or participated in the FMF challenge. I seem to have lost my desire to write, and was about to skip this last week as well. And then the Lord lifted my spirits by way of a special gift to conclude the year on a happy note with.

I had been looking forward to seeing the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction today and had gone to great lengths to find an unobstructed spot to view it from. My daughter was going to come with me and do the driving, but then the forecast predicted clouds and rain.

Many times the forecast is wrong, but not today. The sky was heavily overcast and we considered calling it off. My daughter laughed when I told her miracles do happen.  

Well, a miracle did happen. At about the time she would have started out, the sky started to clear, and stayed clear long enough for us to get to where we were going and get a good view of the planets before the skies clouded up again.


  1. You got an amazing photo, I love it! It was too cloudy here.

  2. Interesting!

    From here they looked a little bit apart, like your first photo.

  3. Jupiter and Saturn
    conjuncting in the sky;
    such a pretty pattern
    for the observant eye!
    I'd love to see old Neptune,
    and keep Pluto in the game,
    but someone really did impugn
    Uranus with THAT name.
    If I could I'd dance on Mars,
    but please, keep this between us...
    I need no sulphur-acid scars,
    so I shall pass on Venus,
    but still catch, in its madcap run
    quaint Mercury's race around the sun.

  4. How fantastic. We had the telescope poised here but it was too cloudy. You have taken a wonderful picture.I'm your neighbour on fiveminutefriday this week.

  5. God gave you a perfect Gift!
    He knew what your heart needed.

  6. That is wonderful!
    It was completely covered by clouds here, so glad you got to see it.

  7. Those are great shots! Those are the positive things I love hearing about. My friend's hubby recently took a shot of the moon through his telescope and the sky was so clear and it looks as if the layers were peeling open like a book. Unbelievable shot they took. I love the stars and moon and all the planets.

  8. Cool captures! Glad you got to see it.

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