Consider the ravens: they neither sow
nor reap, they have neither storehouse
nor barn, and yet God feeds them. Of 
how much more value are you than
the birds! -- (Luke 12:24 ESV)

In early spring 2013, a pair of ravens flew into town and built a nest near the top of the water tower across from my balcony. 

Before long, there were three little fledglings learning how to fly, and the many shots I took of them in the weeks that followed became the inspiration for my first children's picture book, THE WATER TOWER RAVENS.

Every spring, for the next five years, I looked forward to seeing the new brood, but that fifth year I missed them because I was in the hospital. When I came home, an unexpected sight greeted me--a strange looking structure behind the water tower, which I was told was a temporary cell tower.

The fledglings, now grown, were out and about, and a crew of men were prepping the water tower for renovations and a long overdue paint job. I watched them dismantle antennas and move them over to their temporary quarters. The nest was gone.

The ravens didn't seem as bothered by the missing nest as I was. Sometimes they circled high in the sky watching the goings on. Other times, when no one was around, they found new perches to sit on, nooks and crannies to explore.  

The following spring when it was time to roost, I wondered where the ravens would go now that they no longer had a nest. 

No problem! Undaunted by the disappearance of their old home, they built a new one in a corner of the temporary tower. Not only was it larger and more sheltered, but when the fledglings started flying, the secluded area beneath it was a far safer landing place than the road below the water tower where they risked getting hit by passing cars.  

What a good reminder to trust God and be grateful for the things we do have instead of focusing on the negatives. If our gaze is fixed on closed doors, we may miss the ones about to open.


  1. I adore this post, it is wonderful! From the appropriate bible verse to the story of the Ravens. Long may they nest!

  2. I love how we can learn so much from nature if we just take the time to observe and study! Nature really is God’s second book!

  3. Yes, indeed...Looking at the closed door will never let us see the open one.
    What a perfect illustration for this crazy time we are going through.
    God is still in control, even when it doesn't seem like it.

  4. Omygosh...this is such an inspirational story...it brought tears of joy.

  5. Thanks for stopping by Christmas in July. The pictures are from past Christmas celebrations which I've saved. Take care!

  6. Thanks for the beautiful reminder, Sandra.


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