Yesterday my daughter and I went to the movies to see Little Women. It was the first time I'd gone to a movie theater in years, and I was dumbstruck at the changes that have taken place since then.

No more sitting wherever you please.  Seats are assigned when you buy your ticket, or can be reserved in advance.

No snacks or drinks are allowed in the auditorium other than those purchased at the concession stand--not even water, which is outrageously priced at almost $5.00 a bottle.

And the concession stand is no longer just a stand. The choices are flabbergasting, and include a full food and liquor menu.

Is this how it is everywhere else as well, or just in my neck of the woods?

The auditorium held some surprises as well. Cushy reclining chairs on rows raised high enough that no one has to worry about not being able to see over some tall person's head--a most welcome feature for short people like me.

I really enjoyed the movie, and the scenery was gorgeous. Definitely two thumbs up!


  1. We have one here in Roseville, CA called Movie Studio Grill. Not quite as restrictive as yours seems to be, but you can buy an entire meal and have it served at your seat. That price of water is rediculous...

  2. The same restrictions apply to our cinemas over here on our side of the pond.

    I can't wait to see Little Women. I hope it is as good as the 1994 version.

    Happy Weds, Sandra!

  3. We have a theater like that here. When we went to see Star Wars the concession stand had a plastic Star Wars themed cup you could get your soda in. $24.99. Hilarious! I remember those old flip up seats and when all they had was popcorn.

  4. Hi there, thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment. Yes, the movies aren't like they use to be and interestingly hubby and I found we can even sit on the front row since the chair lays back:)

  5. Here in Portugal they're also like that (minus those chairs)!

  6. Ours are similar although the seats don't recline. We are not restricted to the Candy Bar food.In Gold Class the food is served to you. The sound is so loud these days.

  7. Same here - but with "normal" seats, aka I see usually near to nothing, hence I don´t go ;-)

  8. I want to see the new Little Women, a favorite story of mine from way back. The tickets are over the top expensive these days but I do enjoy the lazy-boy type chairs now. And I rarely go to the movies these days.

  9. I haven't seen the newest Little Women yet and can't wait to see it! Our cute, little theater in the next town over is not modern in the least. We have to drive over an hour to Spokane to get those nice comfy, assigned seats.

  10. Hi Sandra!

    In answer to your question — yes, Malays who convert from Islam to another religion are deemed as apostates and will be persecuted by the Syariah courts. Thank God, I am Chinese and Catholic!

    all other races with the exception of Malays have the freedom to practice the religion of their choice.

    Over here, most Indians are generally Hindus or Christians and Chinese are generally Taoists, Buddhists or Christians. And Malays are Muslims by law.

    As of 2010 census, Malays made up 50.1% of the population of Malaysia (including Malaysian-born or foreign-born people of Malay descent).

    Have a great weekend, Sandra!

  11. Yep, like that here too. Too costly in most cases for the movies being produced. Not worth it. Bud & I wait for DVD releases and buy them then (cheaper). We plan on buying midway coming out next week. $17 for DVD, compared to $28 for tickets & soda/popcorn.

  12. Yup! Things have changed and those seats are the best! I’ve actually gone to the movies before and just bought the ticket. No drinks or refreshments. But then, again, sometimes I go all out! However, I don’t think anyone goes to the movies as much as they used to!
    Thanks for visiting with me recently!

  13. It has been too long since I have been to a movie...the last we went was to matinees to take Lorelei...probably over 4 or 5 years ago.


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