What wardrobe? It's already been tweaked so many times for one reason or another there's not much left to work with for this assignment. Notwithstanding, I did manage to find a few items that were easy to part with. Like the dull olive sweater, frayed, stretched out, and not the least becoming; a couple of frumpy looking tee shirts; and that hand me down lavender hoodie declaring me a member of the Varsity Ski Team when, in fact, I have never even tried on a pair of skis, let alone made my way down a slope.

Now the "dress differently than you usually do," was a different matter. This is something I had been contemplating even before I saw the week's assignment. (Brenda must have been reading my mind when she thought it up, LOL.) How to do it, though, was a bit of a challenge given the current state of my wardrobe and the temporary austerity budget I am limited to. So some creative thinking was in order, and this is what I came up with.

I can change my look, at no extra expense, just by adding some of my forgotten accessories gathering dust in the closet somewhere. It's amazing what a strategically placed pin, a scarf, a string of pearls, a bling, can make. Normally I never think to add jewelry. I just put on some earrings and skip the rest. So this past Sunday I made an effort to plan ahead and dig out something nice to add to the outfit I was going to wear to church. When I looked in the mirror, a new person looked back at me. It was a great self-esteem booster.

Another change, which sadly I didn't get around to, would have been to give my hands a new look by doing my nails and polishing them. I always feel better when my hands look cared for, and yet it's something I never seem to get around to, no matter how good my intentions.

Longer term, I can tweak my attire by losing the pounds and inches I need to lose and being able to fit into my dress pants, skirts, and tuck in blouses once again. Even my jeans and tuck in shirts would feel good. It's been so long that when that day finally arrives, I think it will be the next best thing to going out and splurging on a whole new wardrobe.


  1. Yeah but splurging on a wardrobe is fun. :D

  2. Jewelry again! Carrie in Texas mentioned that today, too! That is such a good, and easy, idea!

    Good job going through your closet once more and finding a few things to expire. And, way to go on dressing up for church. That's great! :)

  3. Accessories really can go a long way to make even the most plain outfit pop. I agree.

    Go dust of that jewelry and iron those scarfs, great-granny grandma!

  4. We must have gotten the same brain-wave this week! My post was entitled "Accessories and Attitude"...lol.

  5. I like what you said about tweaking your wardrobe without spending a cent, I mean using a scarf you have or whatever can make an outfit looked different, better, classier!

    good post!

  6. I haven't tucked in a shirt since I was in college. :)

    You are so right GGG! I was reading this week about how women in the 30's and 40's did different things to the same old dress to make it look "fresh." No one could afford to buy new things so they had to make do. There are so many things you can do to spruce up an outfit!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog and Pink Saturday.

    Great tips!


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