The view from my window is a bird watcher's paradise. All kinds of small birds live in the maple trees across the way. Some of them have come to feed at the bird feeder on my balcony which has replaced the original finch sock. It has been so relaxing to sit and watch them, it's been well worth cleaning up the mess. UNTIL...

...until the day I settled in, ready to bird watch as I ate my breakfast, and was horrified to see a young pigeon (no older than maybe a pre-teen in human years) sitting on the railing. I had never seen any pigeons in this neck of the woods before, and in total shock, mindlessly shooed it away. All I could think of at that moment were the swarms of city pigeons in NYC, and all the talk of them being dirty birds, disease carriers, and such.

That afternoon, in the courtyard, I saw the same pigeon standing forlornly by itself while the smaller birds gathered together on a different patch of grass, totally ignoring him(or her). After a while he turned around and just slowly hopped away to the shade of a tree.

Now I know a bird is not a person, but my heart went out to him and I felt so bad for having shooed him away. He looked so lonely and out of place, I vowed to be kinder if he ever visited my balcony again. Nevertheless, I was secretly glad he only paid me one more visit. I'm hoping he's found his family and rejoined them some place far, far away.


  1. Aww, poor little pigeon. Hopefully, he's found his family.

    I posted the answer to the word scramble on my blog. Stop by when you can!

  2. I probably would have felt the same way! I always wonder how much "emotion" - if any - an animal with that tiny of a brain actually has... Any animal for that matter. You wonder if they experience feelings like being left out. I guess it's something we'll have to ask the Creator.

    This was a cool story!

  3. I'm calling PETA. Discriminating against pigeons - shocking.
    But now that the pigeon has made you feel badly, he and his whole family will probably be moving to your terrace soon.

  4. I feel that way sometimes when I watch the lone cats on National Geographic!

  5. Thank you so much....
    I know, Lucy is our daughters dog.
    She is very sweet.
    Check out my blog today if you can. It's her counterpart...Lincoln...
    Much love and thanks..


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