A while back I visited a friend who introduced me to goldfinches and finch socks. I can't recall ever seeing a goldfinch before, and was fascinated by these colorful little birds feeding on thistle seed from the finch socks in her garden.

Well I live in an apartment, so I don't have a garden, but I do have a terrace, and on the way home I picked up a thistle-stuffed finch sock to hang from the rafters. Then I eagerly awaited the finches, but none came.

Days passed, followed by weeks, and at the end of a month I was wondering if maybe the frequent storms in our area had made the thistle seed unpalatable, or if, perhaps, finches didn't live in this neck of the woods. What to do.

My thoughts turned to a loving God who cares about the most minute details of our lives. Nothing is too small to bring to Him in prayer. And so I prayed that He would send one little finch my way.

I guess the picture speaks for itself, even though I could not get close enough to capture their colors on film.


  1. Hi, Welcome back. Auburn, CA where we live is Bird Sanctuary. We have two of these "socks" and Mike fills than about once a month. It is so nice to watch the birds, we also have hummingbirds and squirrels.

    Did that picture ever come up for you?
    Have a great day. Mich love, Barb

  2. I agree, as I sit in the yard I,too think how great our God who allows us these sweet pleasures. I love to sit in that yard, or the house and look out and thank Him for what He allows us to survey.

    Did I get your email? I will send that picture to you if it didn't come up..

  3. I love watching birds eat from bird feeders. We live in an apartment too but I've been skeptical about putting out a feeder. I'm so glad you did!

  4. That's so neat Sandy -
    I love birds - but we have too many kitty cats so they don't come near our feeders on the porch very often.
    In WV we had a nice place to watch the birds come to feed out the back door. I miss that.

  5. well, i would have been the one to say that God does NOT care about the small details of my life... it is always good to be reminded and to see how God does answer prayers. :)


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