My granddaughter tagged me for this six word memoir, and at first I had a hard time thinking of anything with six words, but then ideas started flowing, and I wound up with a couple of pages of six worders and the even harder task of trying to pick just one. Eventually I was able to cross off most of them, but couldn't decide between these five. They all seem to fit.
  • Expected one thing, got something else
  • Bop bag keeps bouncing back up
  • God's agenda proves better than mine
  • Weary traveler on the road home
  • When all else fails, God doesn't

I'm tagging my bloggy friend Average Jane because I just love the way she writes, and am most curious to see what six words she would come up with.

And I'm tagging Sandy's Smiles, because I haven't seen anything new on her blog for a while, and I miss her, and hope this will encourage her to start posting again soon.

The rules are:

1. Write the title to your own memoir using 6 words.
2. Post it on your blog.
3. Link it to the person that tagged you.
4. Tag at least one more blog. (I changed that rule from the original 'tag five,' because I had a hard time thinking of five people who hadn't already been tagged, or that I know read my blog).


  1. Sandy, this is great!
    I've wondered that myself.

  2. heehee, i knew you'd be good at this!

    looking forward to seeing you on monday. i forget what's wrong with the window though - should i bring something to fix it? like tools or something???

  3. GGG, sure I will do the six word memoire but I am not playing! I hope you will forgive me for being such a spoilsport. I am terrible at all this which is my only excuse:-)

    My six word memoire is:
    Searching for madness in sane places!

  4. okay... i got the hint and will be thinking about it. i am slow these days! ;)

  5. LOVE 'em all!! And I'm thinking that's one very universal question indeed.

  6. i finally got mine done. are you happy now?!!
    i am wondering if it was a good exercise or not though...


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