This morning, while searching for something else, I came across two links that piqued my interest, and after checking them out, thought they might be worth sharing.

The first is a Blog Bible Study by Lisa McKay, entitled "I AM--SO YOU DON"T HAVE TO BE." You can work at your own pace, and there are links that enable you to share comments and thoughts.

The second link takes you to a blog spot called Internet Cafe, which is described as "a place to kick back, grab a virtual chair at our table, and allow God to fill your cup to running over. It's addictive, but only He can satisfy the craving of your soul. Join us for your daily dose of inspiration." Lots of food for thought here as you enjoy that cup of Java. The menu includes daily devotions as well as a weekly chat topic in meme format.

Now I'm all set for a new adventure--once I figure out what a meme is. :-)

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  1. Oh, my goodness..I am so glad to have found you..I found you on "Rachel's" blog.
    I am also a grandmother. I was beginning to think that only young mothers and musicians blogged.
    I will be adding you to my blog list and reading you daily. thank you so much.


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