Where I'm going with this, I'm not sure. I just liked the title. What I am sure of though, is that I have failed in my first attempt to grow tomatoes.

My well tended seedling quickly grew to be almost as tall as I am--and is still growing. It is covered with yellow flowers, and every day there are more and more of them, but only one small tomato, which has not grown or changed in appearance since my post and pictures a couple of weeks ago. Even the bug waiting to take that first bite has long since given up and hopped away.

According to Dr. Google, who I consulted about my plight, the bountiful harvest of tomatoes I had eagerly anticipated is not about to materialize. It seems I coddled my plant too much.

On the other hand, its stunted and neglected brothers and sisters back at the camp are just teaming with tomatoes. Go figure!

Could the lessons be something like all that glitters is not gold (not even golden flowers that are supposed to turn into lush red tomatoes), or appearances can be deceiving, or don't count your chickens (or tomatoes) until they're hatched? Hmm!


  1. Mine were not neglected. Just toughened up a bit. Maybe yours will surprise you.
    At least it was a tomato plant. Remember all the nay-sayers in the beginning. You have the one tomato to prove it:)

  2. Aw -
    I am a wannabe gardener - and planted my little hiney off this spring - but after my trip to WV shortly following this - I came home to find the weeds were much bigger than my plants.

    Your principles apply to child rearing - when you coddle children too much you don't teach them to make it without you.


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