Several weeks ago, I adopted what I believed to be one of the survivors of Joanne's tomato death camp. It wasn't the biggest, or the smallest. Just an in-between one. I took the little thing home and nurtured it, and when I thought it was big enough to survive the great outdoors, I carefully transplanted it into a big clay pot, filled with special Miracle-Gro potting mix guaranteed to "Grow Plants Twice As Big! as ordinary soil." Imagine my chagrin when I proudly showed it off to a friend today, and she said it didn't look like any tomato plant she had ever seen. She thinks it's a weed. Please tell me it isn't so.


  1. Great news Sandy! That's awesome! A death camp survivor!

  2. well, i don't know much about plants. however, I did find this picture online...

    it's a tomato plant & the color of the leaves is the same for both plants. Your plant is still pretty small, so I wasn't sure about the shape of the leaves.

  3. Well, it looks the same as my survivors. What are the chances I planted a packet of weeds. Ok you don't really have to answer that.

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  5. oooh.... sadly, i am agreeing with your friend. it does not look like the leaves of any tomatoes that i have grown either... my goodness!!

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