This week we had an open assignment. Brenda told us we could write on anything we wanted to. Well, this morning I had a very aha moment, so I'm going to write about that.

For some time now I've been having a recurring dream where I am on my way somewhere, usually to a place very close to my starting point, and a very familiar place at that, but somehow I wind up getting lost, far, far away from where I need to be, and not being able to find my way back. If I ask someone for directions, I wind up getting even more lost (if even more lost is an option when you're already that lost to start with).

Today the interpretation suddenly dawned on me. Duh!!!

I am totally overwhelmed with things that need to get done, and despite the best of intentions and writing down a plan of how the day should go, I invariably get lost by allowing myself to get sidetracked. Before I even realize what I'm doing, I've started several things and not finished any.

Example: My planner says 9:00-10:00 - Work on clearing up e-mails in In Box.

I get started, and all goes well (I'm reading, responding, deleting) until I get to one about a comment on my blog from someone unfamiliar. I click on their link to see who they are, and I'm liking their blog, so I start reading some of their posts and even decide to leave a comment of my own. As I scroll down to leave the comment, another comment catches my eye and so I click on the link of the person who wrote it, and so it goes for the next couple of hours and I'm suddenly shocked to see it's now time for lunch and not only did I squander the 9:00-10:00 hour allotted to cleaning out my In Box, but I've also skipped over the 10:00-11:00 and 11:00-Noon hours. Now is this a parallel to my recurring dreams, or what?

Does anyone else out there in Bloggyland have such experiences too, or am I just suffering from a severe case of Adult ADD?


Just Jenny said...

I'm doing the same thing - as we speak!!
I got on the computer to get directions right before walking out the door and now it is almost an hour later!! so much for running errands this morning!!

♪♪Melody♪♪ and Puddin said...

Isn't it funny how much alike we all are? Everytime I real your Fitness Friday post it is like looking in my own journal except I can't write it out as nice as you do.

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Yes, Great Granny, I've been there, too.

Johanna said...

I think we all do this from time to time! And it is frustrating to realize a morning has been squandered, no?

JulieMom said...

The internet can be such a time suckage machine! I too get trapped by it at times. Better to make that email in-box last thing of the day. Unless you treasure your sleep. :0)

Brenda said...

Google Reader has been a life saver in that regard. I tend to not click so many links!

But yes, I understand. I wrote about that one day...identifying our rocks. I need to revisit that thought myself!!!

mrs beadsley said...

.......which is exactly what I am doing right now! I sat down at noon to "check my email" and ....well, you see what time it is!!! love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! But I never read the other comments. Maybe I'll have to try it.

Renee said...

Well I think you just described all of us.

For my pictures, read my post from February 5th entitled Art Heist.

Hope all the grandkids are doing well.

Love Renee