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Word prompt--WANDER
Five minutes to free write about it

The moment I saw this week's FMF prompt, the haunting melody and first few words of "I wonder as I wander" started playing in my mind.  It kept repeating itself over and over in continuous play mode as I tried in vain to recall the rest of the words, where I had heard them, or even just what type of song it was. Finally, I gave up and consulted Google.

According to Google, those words belong to an old Christmas hymn written by folklorist/singer, Jacob Niles (1892-1980). It was inspired by the garbled fragment of a song he heard a young girl singing about the wondrous gift of Jesus at an evangelical fundraising meeting he attended in Southern Appalachia.

I wonder as I wander, out under the sky,
How Jesus the Savior did come for to die
For poor on'ry people like you and like I.
I wonder as I wander, out under the sky.

When Mary birthed Jesus, 'twas in a cow's stall
Came wise men and farmers and shepherds and all,
And high from the heavens a star's light did fall;
The promise of the ages it then did recall.

If Jesus had wanted for any wee thing,
A star in the sky or a bird on the wing,
Or all of God's angels in heaven to sing,
He surely could have had it, 'cause he was the king.



  1. Can I post a link here? My fav version of the song:


    1. Love this. Thanks for sharing.
      I'd never heard of Epic before, but am just listening to some of their other songs.

  2. I've always loved that, Christmas song, but like you I always forgot the words until I heard them. The words are beautiful! I also love Linda Ronstadt, she's always been one of my favorite singers and musicians. I also listened to the link that, Sandi gave...very powerful, it was just beautiful!!

    1. I really loved Sandi's link as well. Had never heard of that group before.

  3. Everything was going great,
    then everything went belly-up,
    and Jesus chose to meet the fate
    assigned Him by the fatal cup.
    He could've waved a casual hand
    like He was shooing off a fly,
    and all the haters in the land
    would have left, have gone bye-bye.
    But He chose to let them take
    Him to the scourging and the Cross,
    that would sorely bend, them break
    Him 'fore a world that felt no loss,
    even when the stone was rolled away,
    and some don't get it, to this day.

  4. I love this post so much! Both Phil and I have always loved this song! And I sure did not know all these facts about it! I read it to him, and we both istened to the ronstadt version. A most excellent post!!!

    1. Thanks for sharing that, Ginny. You've made my day.

  5. What a great take on the word. I too linked wonder into my FMF.

    1. Looks like several of us were on the same wave length this week.

  6. I've always liked this song. I liked reading the history of it.

  7. I've never heard of this song before. :) good to hear a new song

  8. I am a HUGE Linda Rondstat fan but have never heard her sing this beautiful song.

    Thank you for sharing, Sandra.


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