This was my first blog. I started it a little over 12 years ago when I was grandma to six, great-granny to one, and thought sharing my experiences might brighten someone's day, or even offer encouragement to someone who needed it.  I enjoyed making and following new friends.  Then along came Facebook, and I got so caught up in that, my blog posts became fewer and further apart. They stopped altogether when I started two new blogs--The Splendor of God's Brushstrokes, to post my photos on, and At the Foot of the Cross, for pretty much the same reason I started this blog.

Now I'm a grandma to seven, great-granny to four, still aspiring to make a difference and brighten someone's day, but wondering why I thought I needed two additional blogs to do this. So here I am back "home" again, searching for an answer, and grateful I never followed the impulse to delete this one when I moved on.

What a humbling experience these past few hours have been. Reminiscing my way through posts has brought tears and laughter, but most of all, it has blessed me with the very gift I had hoped to bless others with. Long forgotten comments have encouraged me, lifted my spirits, and brightened my day. Who would have thought? If any of you who wrote them still inhabit blogland and are reading this, thank you, thank you. thank you. You've made me want to stick around for while.


  1. Yayyy! Great to hear from you Sandra! It's actually very easy to pick up from where you left - I also went on a hiatus for a while but my bloggy pallies never left!! Let me know if you want to be back in bloggiland. I will share with you all the blog parties I participate in.

    And yes, you have been a great inspiration, Sandra.

  2. I can't fathom giving up a blog for facebook (don't use FB). Glad you returned, and updated us with your life.

  3. Great-Granny Grandma8/2/19, 10:56 AM

    Thanks, Hootin' Anni. I'm still teetering on the doorstep trying to decide whether to come on in or not. Haven't actually updated you all with my life yet, but that will be my next post if I do decide to stay.

  4. Hi sister Sandra. I believe in everything that happens for a reason. Whether success or failure as the end products of our choices, we learn from them all. They are always opportunities to truly discern which has values or not. Glad you remain strong. That's what matters. God bless and always keep you.


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