"I will praise You, for I am fearfully and
wonderfully made... Your eyes saw my
substance, being yet unformed,  And in
your book they all were written, The days
fashioned for me, When as yet there were
none of them." - (Psalm139:14a, 16)

This blog will be celebrating its four-year anniversary in March, and as the date approaches, I find myself wondering why I keep it alive.  This question has led to a steady stream of thoughts, mostly negative, which I know are not from the Lord.

There were several reasons I started blogging.  Some personal, but it was also my hope that in some way I could brighten at least one person's day, or perhaps offer encouragement to another.  Lately, though, there's this little voice in my head that keeps saying, "What's so special about you that makes you feel you have something to offer?  What do you have to say that hasn't already been said by someone else, and said better?"  At the same time, there's a warning light flashing off and on: BEWARE OF FALLING INTO THE TRAP OF COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS.

To confirm above warning, I came upon this very timely devotional during my quiet time this morning.  It happens to be a January devotion, which I would not have seen on this particular February day, except that it's in a book, Streams in the Desert, I just purchased a few days ago and decided to start reading from the beginning.  No such thing as coincidence!

Anyway, this particular devotional tells the story of a king who goes into his garden one morning and finds everything withered and dying.  He starts asking the plants what the problem is. The oak says it doesn't want to live any more because it's not tall and beautiful like the pine tree, the pine tree is upset because it can't bear grapes like the grapevine, the grapevine bemoans the fact that that it doesn't produce fruit as large as the peaches on the peach tree, the geranium is disheartened because it's not tall and fragrant like the lilac, and so on it goes throughout the garden until the king gets to the little violet and and comments on how happy he is to see at least one flower bright and perky.  To which the violet responds, "I know I'm small, yet I thought if you wanted an oak or a pine or a peach tree or even a lilac, you would have planted one.  Since I knew you wanted a violet, I'm determined to be the best little violet I can be."

What a great reminder that God loves me just as I am, and that I'm a Divine original (which you are too) created for a special purpose that no one else can fulfill.  Summed up so beautifully in the little poem at the end of the devotional:

                                                    Others may do a greater work,
                                                         But you have your part to do;
                                                    And no one in all God's family
                                                         Can do it as well as you.


  1. Beautiful post, really. I always like whatever you write. It's always inspiring and makes me think. we can waste our lives trying to be like everyone else, or we can LIVE our lives being who God made. I think one of life's greatest struggles is accepting and loving ourselves. But, if we can't do it, how then can we ever expect anyone else to! Love and hugs to you! xxoo

  2. How so active our enemy is in putting those negative thoughts right away. But His faithful love, mercy and grace will always put His children back on the right track. Sometimes, some pass by and are encouraged and don't leave a comment. I know if He placed you here, as long as you're a willing vessel, then He will use you mightily for His glory. The way you encourage me. Thank you. God bless you and protect you.

  3. I love it when you post and your posts always inspire me or make me smile. You must not even think about stopping your blog. I am sure that you have much more influence than you know. However, I do understand how you feel because I often have those same feelings. I have considered not blogging any more too... but at the same time I am drawn to it.

    Thank you for that story today. It is such a sweet story and indeed... we may not all be great.... but we can be the best we can be.

    have a great week.... and keep smiling and posting

    Hugs, Lura


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