Lured by the promise of an ice cream social to follow, I joined a pretty big crowd who showed up at church last night for an evening of testimonies by members of our short-term missions teams recently returned from Haiti, China, Kentucky, and Slovakia. These folks had given up vacation time and the comforts of home to minister to the needs of people living under very different circumstances--in some cases, devastation, poverty and squalor--and couldn't wait to do it again.

All the testimonies were awesome, but what touched me the most were the the teens who shared how they went expecting one thing, and came home with a whole different outlook on life. How their perspectives were transformed  as the Lord opened up their eyes and hearts to see things in ways they had never considered before. 

One of the teens who had gone to Haiti shared her amazement at how people who had nothing could still be happy and uncomplaining.  It convicted her of the things she finds fault with back home and gave her an overwhelming gratitude for the blessings taken for granted.  Another teen choked up as he shared some of the words in a song by Matthew West, entitled My Own Little World.

When I got home I looked up the song so I could hear the rest of the words.  As I listened, I thought of the many things I too take for granted, and felt convicted by some of the stuff I tend to focus on or be offended by.  In the face of the bigger picture, it all seems so petty.  It really is not about me at all.
My Own Little World (Slideshow With Lyrics)

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  1. Beautiful thoughts this morning. Thought provoking and very meaningful. If everyone in the world who has much doubled their world if only to include one other person in need what a difference that would make! xxoo

  2. I remember I had the same experience when I went to Juarez, Mexico - I was amazed at how generous the people we served were to us, and they literally had nothing. I also remember thinking that what I consider a necessity is not at all a necessity but a luxury. I take too much for granted and forget to take joy in the simple things of life. That is what the people we served had an abundance of - joy.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a lovely post. I wish that I could have been at that meeting and heard the testimonies. I am sure that they would have touched my heart as they did yours.

    When my son was serving as a missionary in Argentina he wrote us a letter home saying that the people in the area he was working could not imagine in their wildest dreams the comforts and conveniences that he took for granted every day at home. We are so blessed.Thanks for helping me remember it. Hugs, Lura

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  5. GGG, how have you been :-)

  6. Experiences that will go a long way into shaping those teens as they grow into mature adults! Rachaelxo

  7. That was a lovely post, GGG. Thank you so much for sharing this.

    (((Hugs and blessings)))

  8. We can never be reminded too many times. How soon we forget and lose sight of (1) our blessings and (2) our calling to feed the hungry, care for the sick and poor, love the orphaned and widowed...


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