Thank you so much, Marie, for my Flossie.  It was exciting to have been picked as the lucky winner in your One Heart One World giveaway.

As you can see, she arrived none the worse for wear--despite her long trip across the ocean. 

These pictures were taken in her new home.  Does she look like a happy camper or what?  For sure she brings smiles to my face.

Your whimsical little card brought a smile to my face too, and I only wish the picture I took could have done it more justice.  It fails to capture all those extra little details like the sparkles and raised border.  

I hope you don't mind my adding the link to your etsy shop to this post so my bloggie friends can check it out.  


  1. Oh you were so lucky to win one of Marie's delightful little dolls. I know you will treasure it!

  2. The doll is super adorable!! You totally deserve the win, GGG!!!

  3. she does look happy in her new home! adorable smile!


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