There are so many things I don't understand, and this morning when I picked up a devotional I had started reading last year but never completed, these words by Marilyn Morgan King spoke right to my heart.  I'd like to share them here in case anyone else can relate to my ever questioning mind.

Some hard questions are shrouded in mystery
too deep for human minds to understand;
the hidden answers aren't meant to be unlocked
until the soul is ready to see life whole.
Every good thing has its shadow
and every dark night is the back side
of a new day waiting to dawn.


  1. I have done that. Stopped reading a devotional for awhile and then picked it back up later and the words on the page for that day were just what I needed for that moment. God just works that way in us

  2. God does indeed work in mysterious ways doesn't He?? Great words there GGG. The work situation has not changed for the time being. We have been told that when they know what is going to happen, we'll be told, but til then we just have to sit tight and trust in the Lord I spose! xxoo

  3. Perfect. It really makes me look at things in a different way. Thanks for posting this. I love it.

  4. Beautiful, GGG. Thanks for sharing this.

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  20. Judge not of men and things at first sight...................................................

  21. Doesn't God work in wonderful and mysterious ways?? :)

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  23. Isn't it always so interesting how God knows just where you need to pick back up? Happens to me all the time...and that's when I realize what I have been missing.

  24. I like that!! All in good time! Rachaelxo

  25. What comforting words. I have been so concerned for Marie. I feel so badly that she has lost not only her job but her home as well. However, I know that God is with her. I hope that soon she will be able to find the bright side of a new day dawning for her and Todd.
    Thanks for the inspiring thoughts.
    Hugs, Lura


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