A few months ago, one of my virtual jobs got what promised to be a fantastic contract that would ensure plenty of work for all on an ongoing versus temporary basis They even hired a bunch of new agents to help with the expected overflow. We had to take a special training to qualify, and were excited to see there really was a flood of work coming in. Quite a contrast to the previous drought we had been experiencing.

We all contentedly settled in to a work schedule soon taken for granted. Our fortunes had taken a turn for the better, and 2010 was looking good as far as our pocketbooks were concerned. Little did anyone suspect that this was all about to change.

When I turned on my computer yesterday morning, all ready for a full day's work, I was greeted by a most apologetic e-mail from our manager, telling us we had lost the contract.

Surprisingly, I felt a perfect peace in the face of this potentially devastating news. I even got a second chuckle out of this video clip one of the other agents had posted on our Bulletin Board a while back, and that immediately came to mind. It seemed so appropriate, I dug it out of my saved favorites and have posted it here for you to enjoy too (just click on the link, and then on the play button arrow at the bottom of the screen).

Offshore Outsourcing


  1. Sorry about the job GGG, but I am sure something else will come up soon! Had a good laugh at the video. Ain't it the truth!! Happy New Year to you! xxoo

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