A couple of days ago, I celebrated a landmark birthday (though I'm not telling which one. LOL) It was a gorgeous day, perfect weather for walking, and so I took my camera with me.

As I basked in the beauty surrounding me, I felt so blessed, and started thinking of how good the Lord has been to me even though I've been far from deserving. I thought of the awesome things He has done in my life over this last decade, and the unexpected surprises He delighted me with for my birthday--such as a laptop I've been dreaming about for quite some time now, but didn't really expect to materialize. But then fear started to get the upper hand.

With the joy of each birthday surprise came a pang of concern that something bad was about to follow. Can anyone relate to this?

I have to run now, but am planning to write more about it on my other blog--http://atfootofcross.blogspot.com/--when I get back. The post is still ruminating around my mind, but I do have a title picked out--OLD SUPERSTITIONS DIE HARD!


  1. I think it's quite natural for us to think that something bad is just around the corner when we've had a bout of good luck and things have been going well. Such is the ebb and flow of life. I think as well, Satan just loves to spoil our joy by planting fear and doubt into our minds. Just try to put it aside and enjoy today for what it is. A beautiful gift. oh and a very Happy Beleated Birthday!! xxoo

  2. Yes I can relate to this, but always, I recall God's promises in His word and proclaim them to myself so that my concerns won't rob me of my joy. Happy birthday! May you continue to have the blessings of Psalm 112!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your concern. All is well with all my family and we were not directly affected by the typhoons.

  3. happy belated birthday... I am glad that you had a nice day and a nice surprise.

    I know what you are talking about... sometimes I look at my good life and wonder when something will go wrong. I try to put these thoughts out of my mind... and think about the good without dreading the bad coming. I know that God wants us to be thankful and positive...it is the devil that wants us to have dread and fear.

    Happy Birthday....have a great year.
    If you want a smile come and visit my blog...My John has done a crazy thing...and found a new honey

  4. Happy birthday dear friend and I hope that you got to spend it with the people you love best.


  5. i can, great-granny. but so far, nothing has come of the fear, although, cpme to think of it, the few tragedies in my life happened close to my birthday, each time.

  6. Did you sign up for my giveaway dear friend.


  7. Hello!

    Thank you so much for all of your kind words on my posts... My goal is to be transparent, and hopefully help hurting women... My heart longs for each and every lady to know how precious they truly are.... I cannot wait to read more of this post!!!!

    Love in Christ,
    Lee Ann


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