For almost two weeks now I have been battling a severe sinus/middle ear infection, and have gotten some painful (no pun intended) glimpses into what life would be like without some of the things I take for granted, like being able to see, hear, and walk a straight line.

Until I tried to work with my ears clogged (I do transcription) I never realized the effect it could have. At best, it has slowed me down tremendously as I try to decipher letters and numbers that sound alike. And when my eyes start feeling weird, and the room starts spinning, I have to stop altogether because I can no longer look at my computer screen or even read. Nor can I drive or go for a walk.

And so that leads to another thing I tend to take for granted--TIME. How important to seize the moment and stop procrastinating. Today's open door may no longer be open tomorrow.


  1. carpe diem. While your not feeling well you might as well watch Cosby - you never know when you'll have the downtime to do that again :)

  2. GGG, I am so sorry to hear you haven't been keeping well. Yes, indeed we do take life and its blessings for granted until such time that they are taken away from us.

    I really hope and pray ( in my own unusual way!) that you get well really soon. Much love to you.


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