"He who has no sense of self-importance
cannot be offended." - Phillip Keller

Having grown up in a family where silent treatment was the favored punishment for real or perceived wrongs, I became supersensitive to being ignored. To this day, not being acknowledged is a major frustration.

Now I do see the wisdom in Phillip Keller's words (taken from Chapter 6 of his book, A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23) , and it is something I am working on, but I am puzzled as to how one applies these principles to practical situations that do require responses.

For instance, here I am, supposed to be moving to a new apartment on October 15th. Have friends coming to help me move stuff on the 16th, and a professional mover a few days later for the heavy stuff. Have already made arrangements for my utilities and Internet to be switched over. Apartment needs to be inspected before I can sign the lease, but with only four business days remaining, still can't get any answers from the Housing department or the property manager as to what's going on. Phone calls and e-mails remain unacknowledged. Very, very frustrating!


  1. These are some super words!
    Thanks for sharing that quote!

  2. I sent that comment too quickly -
    I meant to tell you that I am sorry to hear about your frustration!
    Best wishes in your new home.

  3. It will all work out and soon you will be putting pictures on your blog of your nice new place and all the stress of the move will be behind you.


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