Well it's not really a beanstalk like in the fairy tale. It's actually a tomato plant that hasn't stopped growing, and now I'm having to stand on a ladder to reach the top of it.

This is really an against all odds story, because from the day these plants were seedlings, they have been buffeted by storms. My daughter laughed at me when in the midst of one I ran out to the balcony and secured a branch the wind was about to snap.

So why this obsession with the survival and wellbeing of these plants? Well, in a way I can't quite put my finger on, they seem to mirror my life. Sort of an illustration of one of the six word memoirs I posted a while back, Bop Bag Keeps Bouncing Back Up. When I see what they have become, despite the obstacles along the way, it gives me great hope and fills my heart with peace.

Can anyone understand what I'm trying to say? Can anyone relate?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely. I am not very good with plants. the only thing I seem to be able to grow is African Violets in my kitchen window. When a plant dies or is not doing well, it make me feel weak and sad. When I see a new blossom, I feel happy and fulfilled.
Thank you for sharing this.
Love, Barb

KarenW said...

Bop Bag Keeps Bouncing Back Up That is funny! But you are so much more than a bop bag. Best wishes with your tomato plants. They look great!

Anonymous said...

Just don't try climbing it into the sky!
Ricky was able to pick some of his already. But his is not that tall.