Marie said...

Love, Love, LOVE! xxoo

Grammy Staffy said...

Just beautiful...beautiful.... and like Marie I LOVED IT!!!! Thanks for sharing.

I also agree with your last post. I think our young people today can be amazing and when they turn to God and have a mission they can do great things. Going on missions certainly blessed the lives of my son and daughter and now is blessing my grandson as he serves 2 years in Guatemala where my husband served as a young missionary 50 years ago. Serving in Argentina for 2 years changed my son from a good boy to a better man. It was not easy to send him so far away for 2 years when he was only 19 but I knew he would learn more working for the Lord in the mission field than he could ever learn at home and I was right.

May God bless our youth and prepare them for these last days. Hugs, Lura