Over the weekend I got to see a YouTube video clip of Susan Boyle, an unemployed, middle-aged Scottish lady, singing "I've Got a Dream" on the Britain's Got Talent show. People were discounting her before she even got started. You could see it in their faces, judges and audience alike. But when she opened her mouth, oh my word! Talk about emotional, inspirational, uplifting, and lessons to be learned. Don't judge a book by it's cover, and it's never too late for a dream to come true.

I so wanted to embed the clip in this post, but Youtube has disabled the embed feature. Not to worry, though. You can view it by clicking on this link. Enjoy!


Tumbleweed Trails said...

Hello there. No progress on what we last wrote about. I'll keep you posted though. On a different note -- Oh my word Susan Boyles voice and singing is outstanding! I could listen to her over and over and never get tired of her amazing voice. What a talented lady. Gosh, I would love to hear her sing in person! I wonder if we will get a chance here in the states? I watched an interview with Susan after she got back home from singing on the show and I swear she doesn't even realize what an International Hit she is...even after being told that she's even made headlines here in the staes she still doesn't realize it. Wow, she is delightful. I truly believe she has already won, now for the contest to finish. So it can be annunced officially. There's no way with a voice like that that she will not be famous one day. I think she already is. Wow, I wish you could see the interview. If she doesn't come to the States to perform wannna grab a ticket out of the country and go with me to seeher and listen to her perform one day? Do ya? Do ya?


Anonymous said...
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Barbra said...

I think Susan is a little angel. She reminds man people are not only a package but bring more with them. I pray to the Lord he will soften the loss of her mother and she can enjoy what is happening to her.
Hugs, Barbra